Video Games and “Cheating”

I’ve noticed that where ever you game, there are always people using things to have an unfair advantage over the competition. There are mods, codes or products that can be used. There is one on Facebook that people use, that is causing a commotion. It automatically goes through your friends feeds, and collects rewards and gifts that they post. It also gives you the option to accept and deny all gifts at once. Now people are mad, because they consider this cheating. Honestly, I don’t see the problem. Some people have work, or kids and they can’t be on Farmville or Frontierville all hours of the day and night, waiting for there friends to post the things they need. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s funny, because these same people are always complaining about accepting and denying there gifts all at once, and they want Zynga to make a “Accept all” button for gifts. Seriously? Grow up, and let people do what they want. It’s the internet. There is no control. I know, I know, you want to whine, bitch and complain about everything there is, just because you have no way to deal with the problems you have at home. Deal with it, or quit playing the damn games.
Onto real gaming… I’ve noticed from playing my XBox 360, that there are modded controllers out there, that give you that few second edge over the competition. Honestly, this bothers me. A few seconds can be the difference between winning and losing. If you want to pay a pretty penny for a modded controller, then honestly, you need a life. There are more important things in this life, then winning at a video game, just so you can be cool before the lobby closes. Another one I heard about is a Lag Switch. I don’t know if it is real, or not, but I will tell you what I know. A lag switch basically slows the internet so when you’re playing, people can’t tell where exactly you are. I’ve seen stuff like this from people with bad connections on Halo. There in one place one second, and the next there gone. If this is a real thing, all I can say again, get a life. Seriously, you make the game mean nothing if you cheat. You see what happens to people who cheat in sports? They don’t play anymore!

In the end, people cheat at everything. There’s not a whole lot to do, besides bitch. I bitch along with the rest of you when I see the modders on XBox. All that we can do is just deal. You Facebook freaks… Just deal, if Zynga considers it cheating, then do something, until then, deal.

The Cheating Tehnique in Clash of Clans

Now a day most of the people are willing to play clash of clans games because it is consisting of excellent gameplay and features. Actually it is the mobile MMO strategy game and it is published and developed by Supercell. This game is consisting of two different kinds of game modes such as single player and multiplayer. It is released in the year of 2012 so starting from that year to this year it is getting only positive feedback. It is the mobile video game so it is supporting both android and iOS device.

Excellent features in clash of clans game

As everyone knows clash of clans is the fun and attractive mobile game which will be keeping you to play for an hours. Once you are starting to play this game then you can’t able to come out of this game until unless you are lost your life in clash of clans. When it comes to the gameplay of game then players have to build the town with the help of resources. They can get the resources by attacking the players in the fighting environment. At the same time players can create their own clan group at multiplayer mode so that they can easily win a game. This game is consists of excellent features and it is having excellent resources which is consisting of elixir, gold and dark elixir. But winning is quiet difficult in this game because it is the freemium game so people must spend money to increase their winning possibility. But technology has improved a lot so that people can use clash of clans hack to increase their resources. If you are seeing top players list in clash of clans then many of the players are used this hack tool. It is the smart ways to play game because people no need to spend their hard earned money. But selecting the best site is most important because probably many of the sites are offered this tool at their official site. Gem is most important resource in this game and you can get clash of clans free gems with the help of hack tool.

Amazing benefits of using clash of clans hack tool

If you are choosing the best clash of clans hack then people can get the vast numbers of benefits which is including

  • It is generating unlimited amount of gems, elixir and dark elixir
  • It is completely safe and easy to use
  • Free forever
  • Auto updates
  • 24/7 online access

It is the most popular game so winning is considered as pride and hack tool is the key element to increase your clash of clans winning possibility. This kind of gem is useful for troop training, constructing the troops and speed up the production of barracks. If you are buying shields then you can easily save your village people so try to use this kind of hack tool. One of the main benefits of use this hack tool that is coming with the cost effective price. If you are selecting secured and authorized hack tool then no one is knows you are using hack tool to win this game. Actually players can use this hack tool whenever they want so slowly increase your resource or else you might be caught by other players. Secured hack tool might not contain spyware or malware so it is completely safe to use. More and more numbers of people had addicted to this game and choosing the best hack tool is the best ways to save your time and effort. Select the best site for using clash of clans hack tool.