Fantastic tips for successful 8 Ball Pool Cheats

Mastering any game depends heavily on your learning in the initial stages. Most of us feel that in due course of time a player can master the art of playing. So learning for them learning is a long process. But this is a wrong technique. To master a game the basic part of the game should be understood by the player in the initial stages only. At the most, one to two weeks time is enough to grasp the playing techniques. Then a rigorous practice is required which will elevate a player to dominate the table against all other. Resultantly, a good would be able to generate a good of amount of money in the account.

How power is very important in a pool game

The 8 Ball Pool is not only related to your accuracy. Of course, accuracy is prime but without proper and measured power to hit accuracy do not fetch anything. Remember that the power with which one it is very important otherwise 8 Ball Pool Cheats will go in vain. In practicing with your shots one can easily learn that softer shots are more effective than hardhitting. Hard hitting sometime opens up an opportunity for the opponent. Along with this hardhitting will spoil your plan with which you are proceeding in the game. Particularly while targeting the middle pockets a tricky shot requires a softer stroke. Obviously, the shot should not be too weak which does not meet your expectation. But sometimes while hitting a simple straightforward stroke you must apply a matching power which will keep the cue-ball at the desired place. Anyone who regularly plays the game for an hour or two with full focus will learn how much power to apply on each shot. We also suggest you read up on tips on how to hack 8 ball pool.

Strategies influence your game

The decision of applying stripes or spots in the 8 Ball Pool can make a big difference in your game. Sometime when the player makes any good shot and pot a difficult ball gets a little overconfident and make a decision without precision. Again potting in a row on any break leads to such improper decision. Make it a point that you should always make the strategy of hitting after considering the whole table. The opponent should not get a favorable break upon your mistake. On each stroke, you must think how you would place the cue to hit the next shot. When there is absolutely no chance of potting it is intelligent to place to cue in the unplayable area of the table.

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Learn About the Growtopia Chat Feature System in Details

Growtopia is a massive multi-player online game which can take you for a ride. The game may be a little confusing in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it is a great fun game. In the game, you are required to craft items and build worlds. This particular game comes with a lot of features as well. But today, in this article we are going to talk about the chat feature system of Growtopia.

The Chat System in Growtopia

For the ones who do not know but Growtopia features a chatting system with the help of which players can communicate with each other. The option is displayed on the top of the screen and it can be easily re-sized as well. If a player tries to use any inappropriate word, it will be replaced with ‘@#!?’ or with any other combination of these symbols. However, this can be changed in the setting section under the parental controls. You can filter the inappropriate language by changing the settings. In case if you use too much of cuss words or abusive language then you will be punished by the spam bots with a ban or a Duct tape.

Chat Commands: You can use a variety of chat commands in the chat box. All you have to do is enter the slash (/) followed by the command name. There are several commands that allow the players to perform emotes.

Text Colouring: If you like colour then you can also add colour to your text with the help of the backtick (‘), character followed by a character in order to indicate the colour that you want. Moderators automatically use the lime colour while talking over texts. There are a variety of colour options available out there in the game for you to choose from. It is easy to use after all. For cooler colours, skins, etc you might want to use a growtopia hack such as since they are costly otherwise.

Well, that’s all about the chat feature of the game. If you are intrigued by it and want to have some real conversation with the fellow gamers out there then, you will have to try out this game once.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that the chat system in the game is an interesting one. After what is a multi-player online game that doesn’t allow you to chat with other players while playing the game. Try out the game once and know the fun yourself.

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How to play free fire Battlefield?

Fire battlefield is an online game which you can play on your iOS and Android devices. It is a shooting game just like the other video games but slightly different. This game has a storyline, and it starts when you will land on an isolated island, but it will be filled with 30 competitors who will try to kill you every second.

So you can imagine how adventurous the game is going to become. If you can play the game with proper strategy and planning, then you can easily master the game because here you will be fighting alone instead of being a part of troops. To fight your enemies, you will be given attachments and ammunition which you will have to keep upgrading. It is quite an addictive game which you will realize once you start playing it. In the beginning, you will find it very hard to stay on the battlefield for 30 seconds, but if you can develop proper skill, then you can fight your enemies pretty well.

Tips for this game

Always start from an isolated place because you will be given the liberty of choosing the starting point.

Do not get on the battlefield in the very beginning. Train yourself quickly and always stay in the safe zone. Here the zone will be marked with the whitish area.

Instead of buying costly ammunitions, practice skills on a single type of weapon. Keep upgrading this weapon to get added advantages.

Resources play a major role in this kind of game. If you want to upgrade your weapons, all you need to do is spend some resources and get them. You can always use the free fire battlefield hacks from thatgamehack for getting the resources easily.

The different types of weapons like the Rifles which you can only use when you develop proper skills for causing use damage. If you are a beginner, then you can use pistols and submachine which are great for targeting area with a small diameter and large diameter. You can also use the shotguns for killing enemies within a fraction of seconds.

Take as much gear as you can at the beginning of the game. Then in the later stage, you can select the right one. It is always a great idea to keep yourself backed up with various gears and emanations.

Follow these tips for playing the game properly. You can also learn from various tutorials before starting the game.

Major Breakthrough in Battery Technology

American scientist discovered a way to decrease the size and weight of a lithium-ion battery. But this is not all. Apart from this they discovered how to recharge batteries faster than ever before. This all was published in one of the most popular science magazines called “Nature” . This has huge implications for the electric cars that are about to enter the market.

The Technology

To come short: they’ve found a way to use existing technology in a different way. They created new circumstances to stimulate faster movement of the ions through the cells of the batteries. One of the circumstances they’ve changed, rather increased, is the temperature during the production process. They’ve also changed the composition of the basic material for the lithium-ion batteries. This technology is supposed to hit the market in less than 3 years.


A lot of electric cars already make use of lithium-ion technology as it’s the latest and best available today. Lead-acid, which was used previously can’t match the performance of the 3D Microbattery. A lot of these electric cars are planned for launch in about 2 years time. This involves a lot of car producers and major producers too. However they are not aware of this development in battery technology. They may use lithium-ion batteries, but not this improved technology which can reduce car weight dramatically. So this development has consequences for both the range and recharge time. The recharge time has been explained in the technology part above. The ions can move faster with the new technology causing faster recharging.

Apart from that the new production process uses less weight. So you may still wonder how can this affect the range of the car. Car builders are constantly balancing the car in terms of weight. A certain type of car must be of a certain amount of weight and must not go beyond that limit. The more batteries you put in the car the more range it will have available. So to come short: more range means more weight. So with the current technology builders will stop at a certain range because of the weight and not because they’re satisfied with the range. A good example of this is the Chevrolet Volt, which is planned for release in 2010. This car has an electric range of 60km. A General Motors CEO then makes up nice stories that they’ve chosen this range because people don’t consume this range completely since their commuting distance is not as far as 60km. A very clever excuse, but the real reason behind this is that the technology didn’t permit them to put more range in the car.

And since their car is about the hit production next year this technology breakthrough arrives too late for General Motors. They took the gamble of being one of the first to produce electric cars for the masses. They were forced to put in a range extender (internal combustion engine) again because the technology didn’t allow them to go fully electric and have an acceptable range as well. Now other players in the market that have a different approach to electric driving than GM will benefit from this. They may have decided to sit back and watch the technology for electric driving develop and hope to jump in at the right time. This approach or strategy will also apply for some potential customers. Loads of people are hesitant to buy something expensive and unknown. They would rather sit back and watch if this new ‘thing’ is a success or still has problems that need to be fixed. Both consumers and car builders have to decide when they start to join in the ‘fun’

Michael Thackeray, “Lithium-ion batteries: An unexpected conductor.” Nature

Some basic strategies of clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game developed by the supercell who has developed clash of clan. This is an online game. This game is popular among Android users, and this game is purely dependent on the strategy. You will be fighting with the opponents for destroying the towers. And for that, you will have to train the troops, use spells and cards and win chests. There will be a time of 3 minutes during which you have to destroy the tower, and by defeating the middle one, you will win the game. But for winning the game, you have to know everything from the beginning. There are many tutorials which will guide you in the game clash royale.

Top Clash Royale Strategies in 2018 for this game

Do not use all the troops at a time. Because destroying the middle one is the main motive. And in this game, you can’t control the movements of the troops, and they will attack whatever they find in their way first. So make sure to destroy the side towers quickly so that you can take time on destroying the middle tower. So use strong troops.

Do not just concentrate on the opponent’s tower and make sure you’re protecting your tower properly. And if you can destroy maximum towers then you will easily win the game. So tower is the main thing to protect here. If both the team fails to destroy, then you will get an extension of 1 minute. Always put more efforts on defending if the opponent’s defense power is weak.

Elixir is the main resource for this game. So do not spend them unnecessarily. Avoid speeding up the procedure by spending gems. Also, avoid spending of elixirs on the superfluous attacks.

Using the right troop combination is very important. Use the troops together that have a huge destruction capability.

These few things will help you to survive more in clash royale. And with every battle, you will gain more knowledge about this game. With winning getting of more resources is also important. Winning chests are also important, and they will appear after every 4 hours, and sometimes you can stack them up. Buy the troops with great damaging capability. You can’t control the movements of the troops so take less time when destroying side towers so that you will destroy the middle one easily. Make your defending team a strong one so you can protect your tower properly.

How to Use Homescapes Hacks to Get More coins

Homescapes hacks enable you to get the coins that you need to make strategic progress in Homescapes. For the most part, most of the puzzles at Homescapes are pretty straightforward. They’re fairly easy to solve especially if you’ve gone from one level to the next and you have sped up in terms of speed and effectiveness.


Usually, as you solve puzzle after puzzle, you tend to get better at it and by and large, most of the puzzles presented in the game are not impossible. They can be quite challenging, but they are not impossible. But there are certain places in the game that act like bottlenecks that regardless of how easy other levels were or how much you’ve grown accustomed to certain parts of the game, you can’t seem to get your mind around these parts of the game. It seems like you’ve just hit a wall. Believe me, this happens to the very best of us. Don’t think that just because you’re having a tough time that it means that you suck at Homescapes.

Believe it or not, the places that you find very challenging might be very easy to others and vice versa. That’s right. Levels that really stomp a lot of people, you might find very easy. Regardless, you need to get past these bottlenecks. The problem is, the more time you spend trying to get out of these tight spots, the more likely you’d feel burned out. The more likely that you will eventually feel that it’s really not worth it and you stop playing the game.

If you want to keep your forward momentum going and if you really love Homescapes, you need to use the Homescapes hack tool to get more coins. You just download a special app and follow its instructions. When you enter your account, the hack will deposit coins into your account once you’ve followed the instructions mentioned in the hack. You have to unlock it properly.

The great news about all this is that it’s pretty straightforward. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. In fact, these Homescapes hacks spell out the process in plain English. You just need to start with step one, download the hack. Step two, activate it by using your account. Step three, look through the different apps that it makes available to you and install the apps and follow the instructions as to what you’re supposed to do with the apps.
If you go through the process correctly, you’re going to have some extra coins in your account. Once you have this coins, follow this advice. Use them only for the tough spots that are all but impossible for you. This is key. Don’t blow them so you can just zip through all the levels. Eventually, you’re going to run out of coins.

While you can use Homescapes hacks after 24 hours to get more coins, if you really want to save a lot of time playing Homescapes, you need to be as efficient as possible using this coins. This means, use them only when you are absolutely stuck at a level. This means that regardless of how many puzzles you try and regardless of how much time you invest, it seems that you can’t seem to get it right. Use coins only at this stage. This way, you would be able to knock out easier levels and reserve your coins for really difficult ones.
The interesting thing about Homescapes is that you might think that you have reached a level where everything is difficult. It only seems that way but actually, only a few patterns are very hard. The rest are actually doable. So, keep this in mind. When you’re efficient with your coins, you would be able to knock out and complete Homescapes in no time flat.

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First Look at the HP Pre 3

As the HP Veer is focused on new smartphone customers, the Pre 3 is perfect for those that really want to fit everything on the phone. It features a nice mixture of business and multimedia features using the right amount of horsepower to get it done. I had only been permitted to use the keyboard along with a small group of applications on the Pre 3 in the test location. I experienced slight deja vu from CES 2009 when Palm released the very first Pre and we could not even get near it.

Still, the HP Pre 3 is really a nice upgrade from the first Pres. Just in design, the upgrades are profound. Unlike the initial Pre, the Pre 3 does not feel like a cheap plastic phone. The hinge around keyboard feels secure as well (the old phones always gave the feeling that is could snap at any moment) and also the soft-touch area on the back causes it to be comfortable in hands.
Hewlett packard put in a great deal of effort to support a bigger keyboard, but I am still not really a huge fan of it. Yes, there appears to become more space between the keys along with a bigger area, however i still felt my fingers cramp when i typed out a message making a couple of errors.

When it comes to business features, the Pre 3 has VPN and data file encryption and has exchange support. Additionally, it includes a front-facing camera to make video calls. Hewlett packard stated that the Pre would launch with a Skype application, but they weren’t demoing it at that event, regrettably.

For all your video watching reasons, the Pre 3 sports a 3.6-inch 480-by-800 WVGA display that has two times the resolution amount of the first Pre. Additionally, it includes a 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture. Regrettably, I wasn’t permitted to try out the camera.

The Pre 3 supports HSPA (so it’s either going to T-Mobile or AT T; carriers it will most likely be promoted like a “4G” phone). It will likewise support EVDO Rev. so you can use it like a world phone. Most intriguing, the Pre 3 includes a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz processor. During my limited hands-on time, the Pre 3 appeared pretty fast, however i really do a full test for it.

Exactly what do you think about the Pre 3? Could it be enough to bring back webOS to contend with the kind of apple iphone 4 (perhaps 5)or perhaps join the list of Android superphones? That is still yet to be determined.

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8 Ball Pool Cheats To Reach On Top

8 Balls Pool is an awesome game design by Miniclip and this game can be download on Android or IOS but there is some specification required to play this game. An Apple device must be working on IOS 7.0 or later version and Android device require varies with the device but ideal devices can support it. The thing which is most important after this thing is that a pretty speed internet speed is important. This is an MMO game which means lots of players will be active to play with you. The device version of this game is same as the real 8 Ball Pool and if you know how to play pool then you can easily win but there is an issue with the game. The issue is that you have to collect coins and cash to participate in the tournament but most of the people lag here because most of the people lag in this thing. There is also a solution for it and that is the use of 8 Ball Pool cheats. Well, this is generator tool and it is very helpful in availing unlimited coins and cash to play with ease.

What Is Need Of Coins In 8 Ball Pool?

If you are beginner then you need to know many things about this game. The first thing is coins which are important to challenge friends in clubs. Moreover, if you are playing practice mode then you also have to spend coins on it. Well, it requires 25 coins to play practice mode but if you want to play in London club then you have to spend nothing for it. When you win a match then you get coins as well as some points which help in increasing level. Every level decides that in which club you can match but keep in mind that the higher value club you choose the higher you earn from winning. The cash is the second but premium currency of it which is really hard to earn. If you are thinking that you can earn more and more with tips then you are wrong. The time is gone when tips and tricks were helpful. Now the time is the generator and if you are thinking about this game then 8 Ball Pool Cheats will be helpful.

How does This Cheat Tool work?

Well, this is pretty simple and not hard as rocket science to understand. When you use this tool then you have to enter your username in it and after this, there is a column for choosing the device platform. Fill everything requires correctly and after that, there is a column to choose a number of 8 ball pool coins you want. The next column is for cash and you can get VIP from it. Tap on VIP button and you will be done getting unlimited resources but how does this work? The tool used your username and device detail to access the game server and provide information to the server that the user is playing the game. It gets into the data of game and manipulates it. Due to the manipulation, the users get unlimited resources. The anti-ban tool provided safety by don’t let the game know that you are using tool to generate something. If you get caught while this process than your account will be banned from playing this game anymore. Everything earned will go to waste so the last option will leave for that person is to create a new account.

What can You do With Unlimited currencies?

Now you have unlimited currencies and you can use this to buy the cue. Yes, the cue is the main this which look beautiful and help a lot. If you want that every ball shoot by you go to pocket then play a little every day and your shot will be correct always. There are many tips and tricks you can read about the shooting which will be helpful for sure. Whenever you shoot a ball then the ball will go to ball pocket or not? Well, this depends on the angle you used to shoot and where the cue ball hit. These are some of the things which you can learn by playing but reading it will be the best way. Always make sure that you play with patient otherwise you will surely lose the game. If you have made your mind to play using 8 ball pool cheats then must use precaution. All the people who play the game while generating currencies end up losing their account.

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Tactics & Tips for Neopets “Jelly Blobs of Doom”

“Jelly Blobs of Doom” is a Neopets game based on the simple concept of ‘eat things smaller than you to grow bigger, and eat bigger things’. Despite its simplicity, it’s highly addictive and fairly easy to accomplish a score of 400 to earn yourself the maximum 1000NP.
The game is located in jellyworld, which technically doesn’t exist, but really does. You can find the game by clicking here.It begins with you – a tiny green jelly Chomby – trying to avoid being eaten by enormous jellies of various colours that drift across the screen. At the same time, you need to eat as many jellies that are smaller than you to earn points, grow and become able to eat bigger jellies.

The description of the game on Neopets is rather melodramatic, but what else would you expect with their sense of humor? And for those in any doubt, the ‘movie’ it promises is coming soon will never be there. The release date gets changed periodically.

The jellies always move in a straight line, which makes things easier for you. You can position yourself out of the path of enormous jellies and not have to worry about them swerving to catch you, whilst at the same time sit and wait for smaller jellies to slide straight into your mouth. Your size and your points are proportional to each other, so when I refer to being a certain size, that is the number of points you have at that stage.

From size 0 to 250 the game is fairly slow. You will need to spend most of your time avoiding being eaten and only eat smaller jellies when the opportunity presents itself. It can be a tough time getting into the swing of things, but be patient with it.

From size 250 to 500 the action starts to pick up. You’re able to eat a greater range of jellies, and the points start to increase rapidly. This is the fun stage! I’d recommend staying cautious until you hit the 400 mark though, so you get the maximum neopoints per play.

From size 500 onwards you become a rapidly growing Chomby who is rapidly running out of space to maneuver away from the bigger jellies! Eat what you can now, because the game isn’t likely to last much longer unless you’re very lucky.

And finally, a few quick tips to keep in mind whilst playing this game:

– Beware the giant blue jelly. It does exist and it does fill two thirds of the screen.

– Stay in the centre if possible. Then you can see what’s coming.

– Give priority to avoid being eaten rather than eating jelly- opportunities will come if you’re patient

– Don’t be too quick to assume you’re bigger. If it doubt, let it go

– Remember that you can quickly cross the screen by going over the edge. This can be a danger as well as useful, depending on where another larger jelly has appeared.

– You need 400 points to earn your 1000NP. It’s not a hard one to accomplish if you’re patient.

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Video Games and “Cheating”

I’ve noticed that where ever you game, there are always people using things to have an unfair advantage over the competition. There are mods, codes or products that can be used. There is one on Facebook that people use, that is causing a commotion. It automatically goes through your friends feeds, and collects rewards and gifts that they post. It also gives you the option to accept and deny all gifts at once. Now people are mad, because they consider this cheating. Honestly, I don’t see the problem. Some people have work, or kids and they can’t be on Farmville or Frontierville all hours of the day and night, waiting for there friends to post the things they need. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s funny, because these same people are always complaining about accepting and denying there gifts all at once, and they want Zynga to make a “Accept all” button for gifts. Seriously? Grow up, and let people do what they want. It’s the internet. There is no control. I know, I know, you want to whine, bitch and complain about everything there is, just because you have no way to deal with the problems you have at home. Deal with it, or quit playing the damn games.
Onto real gaming… I’ve noticed from playing my XBox 360, that there are modded controllers out there, that give you that few second edge over the competition. Honestly, this bothers me. A few seconds can be the difference between winning and losing. If you want to pay a pretty penny for a modded controller, then honestly, you need a life. There are more important things in this life, then winning at a video game, just so you can be cool before the lobby closes. Another one I heard about is a Lag Switch. I don’t know if it is real, or not, but I will tell you what I know. A lag switch basically slows the internet so when you’re playing, people can’t tell where exactly you are. I’ve seen stuff like this from people with bad connections on Halo. There in one place one second, and the next there gone. If this is a real thing, all I can say again, get a life. Seriously, you make the game mean nothing if you cheat. You see what happens to people who cheat in sports? They don’t play anymore!

In the end, people cheat at everything. There’s not a whole lot to do, besides bitch. I bitch along with the rest of you when I see the modders on XBox. All that we can do is just deal. You Facebook freaks… Just deal, if Zynga considers it cheating, then do something, until then, deal.

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