First Look at the HP Pre 3

As the HP Veer is focused on new smartphone customers, the Pre 3 is perfect for those that really want to fit everything on the phone. It features a nice mixture of business and multimedia features using the right amount of horsepower to get it done. I had only been permitted to use the keyboard along with a small group of applications on the Pre 3 in the test location. I experienced slight deja vu from CES 2009 when Palm released the very first Pre and we could not even get near it.

Still, the HP Pre 3 is really a nice upgrade from the first Pres. Just in design, the upgrades are profound. Unlike the initial Pre, the Pre 3 does not feel like a cheap plastic phone. The hinge around keyboard feels secure as well (the old phones always gave the feeling that is could snap at any moment) and also the soft-touch area on the back causes it to be comfortable in hands.
Hewlett packard put in a great deal of effort to support a bigger keyboard, but I am still not really a huge fan of it. Yes, there appears to become more space between the keys along with a bigger area, however i still felt my fingers cramp when i typed out a message making a couple of errors.

When it comes to business features, the Pre 3 has VPN and data file encryption and has exchange support. Additionally, it includes a front-facing camera to make video calls. Hewlett packard stated that the Pre would launch with a Skype application, but they weren’t demoing it at that event, regrettably.

For all your video watching reasons, the Pre 3 sports a 3.6-inch 480-by-800 WVGA display that has two times the resolution amount of the first Pre. Additionally, it includes a 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture. Regrettably, I wasn’t permitted to try out the camera.

The Pre 3 supports HSPA (so it’s either going to T-Mobile or AT T; carriers it will most likely be promoted like a “4G” phone). It will likewise support EVDO Rev. so you can use it like a world phone. Most intriguing, the Pre 3 includes a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz processor. During my limited hands-on time, the Pre 3 appeared pretty fast, however i really do a full test for it.

Exactly what do you think about the Pre 3? Could it be enough to bring back webOS to contend with the kind of apple iphone 4 (perhaps 5)or perhaps join the list of Android superphones? That is still yet to be determined.

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