How to play free fire Battlefield?

Fire battlefield is an online game which you can play on your iOS and Android devices. It is a shooting game just like the other video games but slightly different. This game has a storyline, and it starts when you will land on an isolated island, but it will be filled with 30 competitors who will try to kill you every second.

So you can imagine how adventurous the game is going to become. If you can play the game with proper strategy and planning, then you can easily master the game because here you will be fighting alone instead of being a part of troops. To fight your enemies, you will be given attachments and ammunition which you will have to keep upgrading. It is quite an addictive game which you will realize once you start playing it. In the beginning, you will find it very hard to stay on the battlefield for 30 seconds, but if you can develop proper skill, then you can fight your enemies pretty well.

Tips for this game

Always start from an isolated place because you will be given the liberty of choosing the starting point.

Do not get on the battlefield in the very beginning. Train yourself quickly and always stay in the safe zone. Here the zone will be marked with the whitish area.

Instead of buying costly ammunitions, practice skills on a single type of weapon. Keep upgrading this weapon to get added advantages.

Resources play a major role in this kind of game. If you want to upgrade your weapons, all you need to do is spend some resources and get them. You can always use the free fire battlefield hacks from thatgamehack for getting the resources easily.

The different types of weapons like the Rifles which you can only use when you develop proper skills for causing use damage. If you are a beginner, then you can use pistols and submachine which are great for targeting area with a small diameter and large diameter. You can also use the shotguns for killing enemies within a fraction of seconds.

Take as much gear as you can at the beginning of the game. Then in the later stage, you can select the right one. It is always a great idea to keep yourself backed up with various gears and emanations.

Follow these tips for playing the game properly. You can also learn from various tutorials before starting the game.

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