Learn About the Growtopia Chat Feature System in Details

Growtopia is a massive multi-player online game which can take you for a ride. The game may be a little confusing in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it is a great fun game. In the game, you are required to craft items and build worlds. This particular game comes with a lot of features as well. But today, in this article we are going to talk about the chat feature system of Growtopia.

The Chat System in Growtopia

For the ones who do not know but Growtopia features a chatting system with the help of which players can communicate with each other. The option is displayed on the top of the screen and it can be easily re-sized as well. If a player tries to use any inappropriate word, it will be replaced with ‘@#!?’ or with any other combination of these symbols. However, this can be changed in the setting section under the parental controls. You can filter the inappropriate language by changing the settings. In case if you use too much of cuss words or abusive language then you will be punished by the spam bots with a ban or a Duct tape.

Chat Commands: You can use a variety of chat commands in the chat box. All you have to do is enter the slash (/) followed by the command name. There are several commands that allow the players to perform emotes.

Text Colouring: If you like colour then you can also add colour to your text with the help of the backtick (‘), character followed by a character in order to indicate the colour that you want. Moderators automatically use the lime colour while talking over texts. There are a variety of colour options available out there in the game for you to choose from. It is easy to use after all. For cooler colours, skins, etc you might want to use a growtopia hack such as https://thatgamehack.com/growtopia-hack-mod-everything-need-know/ since they are costly otherwise.

Well, that’s all about the chat feature of the game. If you are intrigued by it and want to have some real conversation with the fellow gamers out there then, you will have to try out this game once.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that the chat system in the game is an interesting one. After what is a multi-player online game that doesn’t allow you to chat with other players while playing the game. Try out the game once and know the fun yourself.

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