Some basic strategies of clash Royale

Clash Royale is a very popular game developed by the supercell who has developed clash of clan. This is an online game. This game is popular among Android users, and this game is purely dependent on the strategy. You will be fighting with the opponents for destroying the towers. And for that, you will have to train the troops, use spells and cards and win chests. There will be a time of 3 minutes during which you have to destroy the tower, and by defeating the middle one, you will win the game. But for winning the game, you have to know everything from the beginning. There are many tutorials which will guide you in the game clash royale.

Top Clash Royale Strategies in 2018 for this game

Do not use all the troops at a time. Because destroying the middle one is the main motive. And in this game, you can’t control the movements of the troops, and they will attack whatever they find in their way first. So make sure to destroy the side towers quickly so that you can take time on destroying the middle tower. So use strong troops.

Do not just concentrate on the opponent’s tower and make sure you’re protecting your tower properly. And if you can destroy maximum towers then you will easily win the game. So tower is the main thing to protect here. If both the team fails to destroy, then you will get an extension of 1 minute. Always put more efforts on defending if the opponent’s defense power is weak.

Elixir is the main resource for this game. So do not spend them unnecessarily. Avoid speeding up the procedure by spending gems. Also, avoid spending of elixirs on the superfluous attacks.

Using the right troop combination is very important. Use the troops together that have a huge destruction capability.

These few things will help you to survive more in clash royale. And with every battle, you will gain more knowledge about this game. With winning getting of more resources is also important. Winning chests are also important, and they will appear after every 4 hours, and sometimes you can stack them up. Buy the troops with great damaging capability. You can’t control the movements of the troops so take less time when destroying side towers so that you will destroy the middle one easily. Make your defending team a strong one so you can protect your tower properly.

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