Tactics & Tips for Neopets “Jelly Blobs of Doom”

“Jelly Blobs of Doom” is a Neopets game based on the simple concept of ‘eat things smaller than you to grow bigger, and eat bigger things’. Despite its simplicity, it’s highly addictive and fairly easy to accomplish a score of 400 to earn yourself the maximum 1000NP.
The game is located in jellyworld, which technically doesn’t exist, but really does. You can find the game by clicking here.It begins with you – a tiny green jelly Chomby – trying to avoid being eaten by enormous jellies of various colours that drift across the screen. At the same time, you need to eat as many jellies that are smaller than you to earn points, grow and become able to eat bigger jellies.

The description of the game on Neopets is rather melodramatic, but what else would you expect with their sense of humor? And for those in any doubt, the ‘movie’ it promises is coming soon will never be there. The release date gets changed periodically.

The jellies always move in a straight line, which makes things easier for you. You can position yourself out of the path of enormous jellies and not have to worry about them swerving to catch you, whilst at the same time sit and wait for smaller jellies to slide straight into your mouth. Your size and your points are proportional to each other, so when I refer to being a certain size, that is the number of points you have at that stage.

From size 0 to 250 the game is fairly slow. You will need to spend most of your time avoiding being eaten and only eat smaller jellies when the opportunity presents itself. It can be a tough time getting into the swing of things, but be patient with it.

From size 250 to 500 the action starts to pick up. You’re able to eat a greater range of jellies, and the points start to increase rapidly. This is the fun stage! I’d recommend staying cautious until you hit the 400 mark though, so you get the maximum neopoints per play.

From size 500 onwards you become a rapidly growing Chomby who is rapidly running out of space to maneuver away from the bigger jellies! Eat what you can now, because the game isn’t likely to last much longer unless you’re very lucky.

And finally, a few quick tips to keep in mind whilst playing this game:

– Beware the giant blue jelly. It does exist and it does fill two thirds of the screen.

– Stay in the centre if possible. Then you can see what’s coming.

– Give priority to avoid being eaten rather than eating jelly- opportunities will come if you’re patient

– Don’t be too quick to assume you’re bigger. If it doubt, let it go

– Remember that you can quickly cross the screen by going over the edge. This can be a danger as well as useful, depending on where another larger jelly has appeared.

– You need 400 points to earn your 1000NP. It’s not a hard one to accomplish if you’re patient.

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